Teachers at WCS may require high school students use Twitter for homework or other class related work. 

Some teachers may allow you to use your personal Twitter account for this. Others may require you use an account specifically created for use related to WCS work. You should never be required to set up a separate Twitter account for a specific class unless that class is a foreign language class ( or unless you don't yet have a "WCS specific" account and your teachers wants you to set that up ).

For example ...

WCS currently offers two foreign languages - Spanish and German. You should not be required to set up more than three "WCS specific" Twitter accounts - one for Spanish, one for German, and one for all of your other classes - BUT if you don't have one, and your teacher requires it, you will need to set one up.

DO NOT use the WCS logo or pictures of WCS employees in your avatar.

DO NOT use the letter combinations wcs or wilmcs as any part of your username.